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New Pedal Pad Pedal Board Website Launch

Michael Stratton, Pedal Pad Pedal Boards CEO, onstage at The Classic BeanMichael Stratton, Pedal Pad Pedal Boards CEO, on stage at The Classic Bean (click to enlarge)If you're at for the first time, let me say "welcome," if you're re-visiting, let me say "welcome to the new site."

Well....I guess it'd be fair to say 'we weren't rushing to update the Pedal Pad site,' but it's never stopped feeling like an urgent matter nonetheless.   MKS started selling Pedal Pad Pedal Boards 11 years ago and we've ventured into some other areas of the Musical Instrument Industry as well.

Officially, I'm blaming those other areas for the new site failure to launch, but I know it always comes down to how effectively I'm using my time. You know what they say about hindsight and all that but, like a good entrepreneur (the same reason I don't apologize for the Buy Now! button appearing on every page), I choose to see the positive in not entering a twelfth year of using the old site.

Along with the launch of the new site is an opportunity for me to finally join the 21st century and begin marketing in ways which previously had me saying "I've got to start doing that." Namely, social media and blogging.

For some of us, it's George Orwell finally saying yeah! In your face, I told you so. Except he may have missed a few details....we probably all resist giving up even a smidge of privacy, but left to our own devices, which in this case is a smart phone, we serve up a public persona as a voluntary act. That's a crazy concept.....who knew Big Brother was never behind a razor wired compound called Ingsoc, but was living inside each of us just waiting for a chance to get out. Needless to say, I'm always amazed at the kind and how much information some people are dying to publicize about themselves. The same kind of information that I 'd rather hide if left to my druthers. But my druthers be damned, "this is," to quote Peter Gabriel, "the new stuff," time to "shed my skin."

All cynicism aside and truth be known, Big Brother is bursting at my seams so I'm looking forward to the blogging as well as your comments. I might even talk on occasion about pedal boards, pedals and know, stuff which could be considered guitar related.

Hope you enjoy the site.


Looked at some custom pedal boards ($$$ - ouch!) Pedal Pad does it all and more at a great price. - Jason R.