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Pedal Pad III Series Released

After 10 years of producing the most versatile pedal boards around, I am pleased to announce the release of the new III Series Pedal Pad Pedal Boards. New features and styling, which include 1/4" locking input and output jacks, exterior AC input, Tolex options as well as new stylized hardware and radius', make the III Series a very flexible and abundantly more attractive pedal board.

You still can just 'pop the top, plug and play' with the III Series, but now with a bit more style. In fact its just downright sexy.  With the exterior connectors you can finish a night of playing, fasten the lid down and walk away while leaving all of your connections in tact. Check out the III Series Pedal Pad product page and see the number of connector and Tolex options available.



I don’t have time for mickey mouse pedal boards. I want to hit the stage, pop the top and play. - John M.